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Q. Where do I sign up?

Q. Is this a printed magazine?
A. We offer 6 bi-monthly printed issues a year. All issues will also be available digitally for your convenience. 

Q. I signed up, how come I haven’t received my digital version of the magazine yet?
A. You will need access to a computer. When you sign up you get an email with a user name and temporary password. Change that password to something you can remember. When you go to Login with your username and password to access the online issues. Remember, all issues are print AND digital!

Q. When will I get my first printed issue?
A. This depends on when you subscribe. Subscriptions received by the 13th of December will receive the January issue. Orders received after this date will receive March as their first printed issue, although you will have access to the digital issue (which is identical in content) on the website!

Q. Where can I hang out with all the cool kids?
A. When you subscribe to Cruis’n at