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Dream Cruis’n Music Video

Click the link for a cool new Woodward music video!
We all Love the Dream Cruise but it was always missing something. C’mon it’s Motown! Cars and music have always gone together like Peanut Butter and Jelly, so it’s only natural the cruise have its own theme song…and we’re thrilled to debut it here at Cruis’n! “Dream Cruis’n” is the brainchild of Waterford’s Bob Malcolm from the Fun Time Cruzers. Back in 2017 he had an idea, so he started creating some lyrics. He took it as far as he could before setting out to find a singer/songwriter to bring his vision to life. The search went from Detroit to Nashville and eventually Minnesota, where local musician, Paul Nye was up for the job. Paul has never been to Detroit, and isn’t much of car guy so, Bob filled him in, and Paul went to work. The result is a catchy tune, that captures the nostalgia of the era and the thrill of the Dream Cruise. Paul, “hired” nine kids from his church in Walker, MN and with the help of youth parents Jarrod and Sarah Norvold they shot and edited a music video in just a few hours. Despite several takes and re-takes the stars of the video never complained. Cruis’n was able to add some hot rod flair to create the finished product and the hope is that with some sponsorship we can raise some funds for local charities. If you’re interested contact us at For now, we hope you enjoy the song and video as much as we do.

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Video directed by: Paul Nye Lyrics by: Paul Nye & Robert “Bob Malcolm
Music by: Paul Nye for Verse & Bridge Records
Original video produced by: Jarrod Norvold
Cameras by: Jarrod & Sarah Norvold
Video Performance By: The Calvary Kids of of Calvary Church in Walker, MN. Woodward Footage By: Roy Oberg
Video Edited for final production By: Roy Oberg of Cruis’n Video Productions
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