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Woodward Souvenir Packs!

2023_Woodward_Souvenir Paks_Price Flyer[14776]

If you’re looking for those Woodward souvenir packs -THE BEST DEAL ON WOODWARD- we will be at Nicky D’s now both Friday and Saturday beginning at noon on Friday. Our Woodward streets signs are FREE up until the day of the Cruise on Saturday. On Saturday they are available with the purchase of a souvenir pack only.  Look forward to seeing you in Mustang Alley, Memorial Park and Nicky D’s.

We will also have a limited supply of souvenir packs available at Pasteiner’s on Woodward. They’re even handing out free hot dogs! Grab a pack and a dog and be fulfilled!


  1. I’ve been driving my 1965 Divco Ywin Pines milk truck for 3 years now. I fly from from california every year. Usually, people come out and give me one of your green wood word cruise bumper sticker like posters. Is there someone you could send me one be glad to purchase it. I’m trying to keep them every year as a collection.

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